Frequently Asked Questions

Send email to us if you have more questions, we will respond to your questions as soon as possible. Email address:

1. How do I to book for a service with Aiders Care & Services Pte Ltd?
You can email us at or contact us at +65-8751 8815.
2. How many days of notice is required to book your service?
We recommend at least a 3-day advanced booking. We can consider a booking with short notice but the requested service is subject to the availabilities of our staff and time slots.
3. What is the minimum number of hours for using your service? What is the charges?
The minimum number of hours for using our service is 2.5 hours. Our charges is $22 per hour.
4. Are there additional charges or discounts for the confirmed Service?
There is an additional charge for the confirmed service required when it falls on a public holiday. Discounts can be considered for long term use of our service.
5. What are the charges for the requested services?
There are different charges based on the different types of service requests, please contact us for details.
6. What is the mode of payment for the first day of using your service?
You can pay in cash for the first day of service or make a fund transfer via ATM or online banking within the first day of using our service.
7. When is payment to be made for subsequent requests for your service?
For subsequent requests for our service, cash is to paid through our company’s representative or through fund transfer via ATM or online banking within 3 working days after our service is given. Our company will issue a receipt after payment is made.
8. Does your company charge when I request for transport?
Transport request can be arranged but the charge/charges will be in addition to the payment for our service.
9. What happens if I am unable to use the service if your staff turns up on the agreed day?
You do not have to make payment if there is proof of hospitalization, medical related issues, death or natural occurrence like thunderstorm when our staff turns up on the agreed day. However, you will have to pay 50% of the charges for the confirmed service when our staff turns up on the agreed day.
10. What are the credentials of your staff?
All Aiders must undergo a Caregiver’s Training module. All Aiders must possess the qualities that fit our motto - love to care for others, and responsible with the right morals. They are carefully selected through a face-to-face interview and the Management monitors and assess their service delivery through our clients’ feedback.
11. Do I have to sign a Service Agreement with Aiders Care & Services Pte Ltd?
There is a Service Agreement to be signed between you and Aiders Care & Services Pte Ltd, either before or on the first day of the confirmed service.
12. As a caregiver living or working overseas, how do I request for your services for my closed ones and how do I make payments to your company?
You can email us to request for our services, please make payment through fund transfers.
13. What if I have a special request for a service other than what are listed in the flyer or email or Web page?
We welcome all enquiries and will also look into your special request. Please do not hesitate to email us or contact us.
14. What are the office hours for making enquiries?
We can be contacted by phone from 8.00am to 8.00pm, Monday to Saturday. If you email us, we will reply within 2 working days.