About Us

Company Objectives

Aiders Care & Sevices Pte Ltd has been set up with the objective to help address the concerns of the family caregivers when their parents need to visit the doctors or require a companion at home or to go for an outing. Perhaps, due to the work schedules or not living together with their parents, often times the family caregivers are unable to help.

Our Aiders are recruited on the account of their love 爱 to give care and also have the virtue and moral character 德 to give services to our clients.


To help people have greater ease in their daily living, whether they are living together or apart from one another.


To become the family’s alternative source of help when they need external care and services in their daily living.


To address the concerns of members in the family by providing the care and services they require in order that all will have greater ease in their daily living.