We aspire to help you help your loved ones


Goal & Service

We become your family caregivers’ external source of help for your parents, resulting in all having greater ease in your daily living.


Escorting to clinic, hospital, market or an outing.

Running errands

Running errands to make purchases, collect or deliver items.

House Cleaning

Doing simple house duties like mopping floor, cooking a simple and healthy one-dish meal, cleaning up after cooking.

Home maintenance

Our company will provide support to fix defects in your house such as changing light bulbs, simple plumbing work.


Arranging transport services for more convenience in travelling.


Providing other special requests like relieving caregivers to let them have respite, catering for birthday celebrations, arranging for undertaker's services, etc.

“The alarming numbers of one in four Singaporeans will be over 65 by 2030, especially since most people will spend a portion of their twilight years dependent on others in many aspects of daily life”

from an article in The Straits Times dated 20 February, 2018 by Ms Linette Lai, a Health Correspondence

Our support

Your loved ones may still be dependent on you but perhaps you may not be able to be with them because you are working or having your own family to look after. We at Aiders Care & Services Pte Ltd understand your concerns for your loved ones and we will help you care for some aspects of their daily life.